Tailored Products to Meet Your Engineering Needs

Tailored Products to Meet Your Engineering Needs


Throughout its history, Specialised Welding Australia has built a sound reputation for consistently providing high quality products and professional engineering services to the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Mining Industries.

Specialists in designing and manufacturing:

Pressure Vessels

Specialised Welding Australia is recognised as an industry leader in the mechanical design management and fabrication of heat exchangers and pressure vessels utilising in-house resources to meet or exceed the exacting requirements of the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, and Mining industries.  NATA approved hydrostatic pressure tests are available in-house for all pressure vessels.

Mechanical and Thermal design

Mechanical design management of vessels and heat exchangers, and TEMA type heat exchangers of all sizes can be performed efficiently too many codes and standards including but not limited to:

-AS 1210

-ASME VIII Div 1 and 2



-Nozzle loading to WRC 107 and 297

Heat Exchangers

The Company is recognised as a leading designer and fabricator of all types of shell and tube heat exchangers covered by TEMA, including:

-Shell and tube


-Fixed and floating tube sheets.

-Kettle type reboile

-Stacked exchangers

-Fan cooled heat exchanges

Able to fabricate pressure vessels and heat exchangers up to 110 tonne, 6m diameter, 30m in length and up to 95mm wall thickness.  The Company is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Systems for mechanical design and fabrication, with in-house certified welding procedures to design and fabricate heat exchangers and pressure vessels made from either carbon steel or exotic alloys such as:

-Stainless steel

-Clad steels

-Chrome moly

-Duplex and Super Duplex alloys


-Nickel and nickel alloys such as Monel and Hastelloy



-Zeron 100

Services Include

-Mechanical Design Management

-Thermal design

-Hydrostatic pressure tests

-CNC drilling and milling facilities

-Electronically torque controlled tube expanding equipment

-Hydraulic tube pulling

-Electronically programmable automatic GTAW tube-tube sheet welding

-On- or off-site maintenance crews for heat exchanger re-tubing

Pipe Spooling

Specialised Welding Australia can provide fabrication, modification, and repair of various sizes of pipe spooling with a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  The company can fabricate pipe spools from standard pipe or roll the pipe from plate. 

Experienced operators are available for internal weld overlay in sizes down to 40mm inside diameter. Hydrostatic pressure testing facilities are available in-house.